Aurora Fidelity Alliance

Contact: Andy Gustafson 669-9846 or

Pictures of the wall collapse: Collapse before and after

Vision: The purpose of the Aurora Fidelity Alliance is to preserve this old building through a sustainable use plan to utilize the space and location of this building while preserving and enhancing its beauty.  The greater good of Aurora would be served, as we save one of our gems on the square.

Priorities: The first priority is to stabilize the building, particularly by fixing the roof and rebuilding the west wall of the building, while also keeping water out of the basement.

Long term plan:

1st floor: a front lobby area to be used as a welcome center, perhaps as a starting point for historical walks in Aurora on Saturday mornings from May through September.  Behind that will be a conference room which will have a huge roundtable, and a large window to the lobby.  Behind that, with a hallway on the south will be a series of offices to be used as a business-incubator area for entrepreneurs (although this space could be utilized by existing businesses as overflow space at first). 

2nd floor: Three or four artists loft studio apartments along the north end of the building.  A large office/commons space on the east end of the building.  Two common bathrooms and a kitchen towards the west end of the building.  Tennants would share the kitchen space, and the baths.

Support: The Aurora Fidelity Alliance is applying to be a 501C3 nonprofit corporation, which will be supported by donations.

        We have some matching pledges of $1,000 to get the ball rolling. If you would like to pledge money to the fidelity alliance, please contact Andy Gustafson

Oversight: The Aurora Fidelity Alliance is putting together an oversight board to help give accountability and input into decisions made, particularly the uses of the funds.  First priority for all money contributed is to rebuild the west wall.

Documents: Our Articles of Incorporation