2005-2006 Residential Lease Agreement for

California St., Omaha NE 68131


The tenants listed below will rent _______________ in Omaha for $______ per month beginning _________.  Rent will be due on the 1st of each month. 


Tenants will be:

(print): 1._____________________    2._____________________

              3.______________________  4._______________________


Rentor/Owner: Andy Gustafson        Address:  3126 Chicago St., Omaha NE 68131


Starting date of lease: _______

Rent due: 1st of every month

Monthly Apartment Rent: $______

Deposit is one months rent due upon signing this lease




*Tenants may paint walls, and do other modifications to residence (never woodwork!), so long as they notify landlord.

*Tenants have access to laundry facilities. 

*Tenants are expected to act respectfully towards other tenants in the building, especially with regard to TV or music noise late at night.

*Tennants are expected to race for wood floors and carpeting in an appropriate manner

*Tennants are expected to maintain the property and take trash out in a normal manner.



The undersigned agree to the above conditions/terms.


_____________________      ____________                       

Owner Signature                                 Date


1________________________          ____________

2________________________          ____________

3________________________          ____________

Tenant Signature                                 Date


Sign lease and send it to Andy Gustafson 3126 Chicago St Omaha NE 68131