Questions and Answers:

Question: What is this class about? Answer: This is a travel course which spends a week and a half in Vegas and L.A. as case study cities to help students understand how business transforms culture and society by learning about the businesses and economic development taking place in these cities.  Along the way we meet many civic leaders and business executives.  For schedule of events and people we meet, click here or on "schedule of events" on the main page.

Question: What are some of the topics you cover?  Answer: Economic development and its resulting concerns: Water resource issues, Traffic concerns, population growth; governmental issues such as resource allocation, tax structures, what sorts of businesses to attract; financial strategies of companies, brand management, effects of business upon cultural values (entertainment and fashion industries); Environmentally friendly businesses (tours of American Apparel and Patagonia, etc); how has the casino and entertainment industry changed over the last 30 years, etc

Question: How many credits is the class?  Answer: 3

Question: How many Students Usually Go?: Answer: 9-12

Question: What does the class count as?  Answer: Business Elective or General Elective (for A&S)

Question: What is the cost of the class?  Answer: $1300 for 2013 (Tuition is included in 18hrs for undergrads.  MBA students pay regular per-hour rate for 3 hours)

Question: How do I apply?  Is there a Deadline?  Answer: Contact Dr. Gustafson at  You should sign up at the spring registration.  You will need to do some reading ahead of time.

Question: Who do I pay? When?  Answer: You pay Mary McMahon in the Dean's office on 2nd floor of COBA.  Deposit of $400 is due by December 10th to guarantee a place.  Full amount is due by Feb 1st, 2013.

Question: What does the course  fee cover?  Answer: Transportation and Lodging for the trip.  Admission to museums and parks we visit.  At least 1 nice meal together as a class in each city.

Question: Does the Course fee include airfare to Las Vegas?  Answer: No.  Since students will be coming from various locations, and tickets to Las Vegas are generally cheap, we let the students arrange their own transportation to Las Vegas.

Question: How do I meet up with the group in Las Vegas? Answer: On that first day Dr. Gustafson picks you up at the airport and brings you to the hotel.

Question: Do we have free time?  Answer:  You do have free time.  Each day we have some scheduled events, but you will have time to explore on your own.

Question: Is the class open to MBA students or non-business undergrads?  Answer: Yes, of course.