There are a few options for you.  Please note that if you stay off-site, as a commuter you pay $35 for facility use and 3 meals (***unfortunately, you pay that whether are there for one evening or for the whole day). 

Moderate priced Lodging (offsite): Ken's Motel  1515 11th St. (less than 1 mile away) Aurora, NE 68818
402-694-3141     800-352-8392  Prices: 1 person 37.23/night.  With 5 people in room 63.57/night for room. This is an excellent Motel.

Most Expensive: Of course the Leadership Center is where most of the activities take place and they have hotel-style housing.:

Single rate $209.96 (2 nights)
2/room      $161.78 per person (2 nights)
3/room      $150.84 per person (2 nights)
4/room      $144.26 per person
.  (2 nights)  www.tlcaurora.org/


Cheapest: There is also a campsite less than a mile west of the Leadership Center in the Park.: http://www.cityofaurora.org/default.aspx?pageid=48