2709 Dewey

8 Plex -- New Windows, New Cabinets, New Fixtures, Much new Plumbing, Solid foundation, Seperately metered Electric and Stove Gas

This building is an 8 plex and was purchased a couple years ago for around 35,000.  The bank has close to 100,000 in it, and the guy is now in Illinois. Some of the kitchens are very nice, and others are redone, but just dirty.  Most all the baths have new fixtures, but need some cleanup and cosmetic work at least.  New flooring is likely required in most apartments.  A lot of the plumbing has been redone.  Copper is intact.  All apartments are individually metered for electric and for stove gas.  There is a central boiler which is pretty new.  All the windows were recently replaced.