817 Park Avenue  (Shestov Flats)  OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY DECEMBER 6th  10am-1pm 

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These are pictures of the building we are working on. We are trying to renovate and redeem this building and in doing so, to help the neighborhood improve.  DETAILS: We expect some of the bathrooms and kitchens to be finished by the 15th of December.  We have redone the living room floor, and are putting tile in the kitchens and bathrooms, (with the exception of the red and black tile which we hope to restore somewhat), with new  tiles. Each bath will have a pedestal sink and toilet.   They have new plumbing throughout.  The bedrooms will be carpeted.    Some of the windows are new.  Each apartment has its own furnace and has separate electric, so tenants pay for their own utilities (not hot water).  Tenants can paint at will, provided they don't drip on the hardwood floors.